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Getting My Business Website Seen

When I decided to open up my own small business, I knew that the internet would be an important tool in regards to marketing myself.  Of course, at the time, I did not realize just how difficult it can be to market your business on the internet.  I had originally believed that I would be able to simply set up a website and a social media page and that people would immediately be able to see me.  Unfortunately, that is not the way that it works.  Having a website will do you no good if no one ever sees it.  Even if you have a website with specific products on it for sale, people will not generally see the site or its pages simply by searching for those products.  You need to be able to optimize each single page so that they will pop up when people search for the products that you are selling.

I decided that I needed a little bit of help to get my site going and get more traffic to it.  The first thing that I did was check SERPStream to see what sort of traffic was being driven to my site through the different search engines.  I was horribly disappointed to find that I was not getting very much traffic from search engines at all.  I knew that this was a problem, and so I decided that I would hire a search engine optimization company to help me to get my site showing up on searches.  I really did not know anything about how this worked, and so I knew that I needed to find a company that I could trust to take care of this sort of thing and drive more traffic to my site.

There are many different search engine optimization marketing companies out there, and they all have their own rates and the results from their work will often vary.  In order to figure out which company I would go with, I had to do a little bit of research and compare the different rates.  I also wanted to read reviews of the different companies in order to see what kind of results they have gotten for other companies.  After looking over all of this info, I decided that I would give a company a try for a month or two, then check SERPStream once again in order to see what sort of results they were able to get for me. 


Thankfully, the company that I went with from the very beginning seemed to get me some pretty good results.  The traffic to my website increased significantly within a month of using their services, and I was also steadily increasing sales.  Because I was happy with the results, I decided to stick with this company, and my business has continued to grow regularly as time has passed.  I am very glad I figured this out, and I am now running a successful business online.

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