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What Exactly Is Vaping?

It sounds ominous, doesn’t it? So, close to something akin to the vampire. Also close to the saucy habit of vamping. But nothing of the kind and nowhere close. In fact, the regular habit of what you have become accustomed to as smoking is even more eerie. If you, yourself, are a regular smoker then, by now, you know this habit could kill you. It could lead you prematurely to your grave. The process of vaping has only become more widely known in the last few years. This is thanks to the so-called explosion of the internet.

But when you vape, nothing at all explodes. While there is no smoke without fire, no fires will ever be lit when you begin vaping. It is no longer downhill for you here and it is all electronic. The vape replaces the cigarette that you have become familiar with over the years. This is an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, as is trended online on most occasions. The e-cigarette is your new juice of life. And yes, there is juice in your e-cigarette holder.

The juice comes in the form of an e-liquid solution. And yes again, many of the flavors that you have at your disposal or fruity or juicy flavors indeed. One of the most popular fruit flavors is that of the cherry. This flavor has great appeal to those who were, once upon a time, traditional old fashioned pipe smokers. The cherry flavor is a familiar favorite among old pipe smokers, or should that be, previous pipe smokers.

Health deteriorates as the body ages. So when you’ve reached that golden state, you may feel compelled to chuck up your pipe smoking habit altogether. It has been proven that pipe smoking can bring can other cancerous illnesses other than that experienced from lung disease. Cancer of the mouth is one disturbing example. The chances of you contracting such diseases or illnesses from vaping are substantially less.

But please folks, don’t take it from us. And don’t shoot the messenger on the day you get sick from vaping, because can still happen. What you need to do to ensure that you stay healthy is simply read the product labels. Read what the dispensers of e-liquid solutions and e-cigarettes have to say about the potential health hazards. Read what they clearly say about those who should not be taking up the habit of vaping.


One such crowd that needs to be mindful of the warnings is the young and trendy. While old folks are giving up the habit for health reasons, young and trendy folks who never smoked before are taking up the young and trendy habit of vaping. But among the young and trendy crowd that should be vaping are those under the age of eighteen. It is a matter of law in most parts of the world. And in some countries, young men and women may only try out vaping once they’ve reached the age of twenty one.

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